Will Your Boss Say 'Yes' to Your Request? 

Score Your Chances with This Quick Quiz

After years of experience with thousands of professionals, I’ve noticed an approval profile that consistently gets management approval of a flexible work arrangement. If you score well on the approval profile criteria below, your request for flexible work will likely get approved. Take the quiz now and score it for yourself.

Answer 3 Questions to Gauge Your Approval Profile

1. How long have you worked for the same manager?

A. 1 year or less
B. 1 to 2 years
C. > 2 years

2. How does your manager rate your job performance?

A. Standard Performance
B. Above Standard Performance
C. Outstanding Performance

3. How will you present your request for a flex arrangement?

A. Verbally
B. With a proposal I write
C. With a professional,  time-tested proven proposal

Tally Your Approval Profile Score

Each A response = 1 point | Each B response = 2 points | Each C response = 4 points (yes, 4 points, not 3; C factors are weighted higher due to their reliable impact in getting approval of a flex request)

Your Approval Profile Gauge + Recommendations

3 to 5 points: LOW

A verbal request by a  short-term employee is a recipe for denial. Recommendation: Take more time to build job tenure and performance, then add a solid plan and proposal in writing.

6 to 7 points: FAIR

In which areas can you add 1 or 2 more points? Recommendation: Consider delaying your request until you reach the next level. Meanwhile, review more strategies for success.

8 to 9 points: GOOD

You're good to go. This is a decent starting position for making your request now. Recommendation: A detailed proposal will tip the scales in your favor.

10+ points: EXCELLENT

Your job tenure and performance make you well-positioned to ask. Recommendation: Move ahead; prepare your proposal today and present it soon.

“I’m so nervous; I don’t think my manager will go for this.”

Being nervous or hesitant is actually part of the process of making the request. Accept it as normal and don’t let it stop you from asking for what you want. Asking is the only way you'll get it. Besides, a professionally-written proposal builds confidence.

How to Change the Mind of a Tough-Sell Manager

Even if yours is a tough case, don’t second-guess what your manager will do or say; no one can predict that with certainty. Many of my customers were doubtful about getting a 'Yes' until they used my Proposal Package and saw their manager change their mind.

The Brick-Wall Manager

“I’ve tried to convince management that I could make a limited hour schedule work before and I’ve always been turned down. This time, my flawless proposal got through the brick wall!

Lorraine Sitton (got approval of a reduced workweek)
Senior Paralegal
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

The Manager Who Says It Won't Work

“…before I left on maternity leave, I requested a compressed workweek. I was told no and that it wouldn’t work. While on leave, I came across your proposal blueprint. I hesitated…[and] was somewhat skeptical. [Then], I decided it was worth the risk. I…emailed it to my boss yesterday morning. By 3pm, she called me to tell me I have her approval to work 4 days per week when I return from maternity leave. I want people to know that it is well worth the [price]. Thank you…”

Angie McDonald (got approval of a compressed workweek)
Wichita, KS

The Manager Who Wouldn't Even Consider It

“I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! My professional proposal sealed the deal; honestly, my boss said she would not have even considered it had I not put together such a wonderful presentation. Thank you.”

Kate Ross (got approval of a reduced workweek)
Field Marketing Manager
Orinda, CA

“I can't do without you in the office.”

“The day after I briefly mentioned my [4-day work week] plans, my boss told me that it was unlikely that he would ‘do without’ me one day a week. However, following the review of my proposal, he completely changed his story…

Danielle Ouendag (got approval of a four-day workweek)
Environmental Affairs Manager (pharmaceuticals)
Grand Rapids, MI

The Cold-Chill Manager

“When I first approached my manager about working from home one day a week upon my return to work [after maternity leave], she gave me a very chilly response. Once my son came into the world a couple of months later, I knew that I had to bring up the subject again, but this time, with a very buttoned-up, well-thought-out plan.

While researching, I found your website and purchased your telecommuting proposal template. Last week I had lunch with my boss to review the proposal, and she did a complete 180! She actually laughed at how “comprehensive” my proposal was...I attribute her change of heart to the [WorkOptions] proposal I submitted. Thank you!”

Kim Yates (got approval to telecommute)
Account Executive
Television Advertising Sales
Atlanta, GA

The Manager Full of Questions and Concerns

“I wanted to telecommute full-time in my current job because I was moving to Atlanta from San Francisco…using [your Proposal Package], I was well-prepared with a strategy and ready answers to my boss’s questions and concerns. Bottom-line: my telecommuting proposal was approved. Thank you.”

Brad Palmer (got approval to telecommute)
Atlanta, GA

The Manager Taken Back by the Idea

“While my boss was pretty taken back with the thought of my going part-time, he did comment that I seemed to have really put a lot of thought into my decision and thought the proposal covered all the bases…

K. Jarvis  (got approval of a part-time schedule)
Account Manager
UNICARE Life & Health Insurance

The Manager Who Needs Someone Else to Approve It

“…We presented our proposal to our immediate manager and department manager. One comment that our department manager made upon seeing our proposal was, If all of our sales proposals looked this good, we would be making a killing!

J. Brown (got approval to job-share)
Advertising Sales Rep (newspaper)
Phoenix, AZ

“The Human Resource Manager said she was so impressed with my [reduced hours] proposal and how professional it was. She and my boss approved it…”

Angela Hunt (got approval of a reduced workweek)
Advertising Sales Rep (publishing)
Kansas City, MO

Finally, read how the WorkOptions Proposal Package won over FOUR higher-ups in THREE layers of management for FIRST-time-ever approval:

Approved by Three Layers of Management

“[My immediate boss] was impressed…Unfortunately, she was not the final decision-maker…Our VP…was very impressed with [the proposal’s] professionalism, detail, references and quotes…he needed to talk to his boss (the Senior VP) and the CIO (about feasibility of technology and security issues…).

Two days later my VP told me that while he had never allowed an employee to work from a home office and that the idea was very progressive, his answer was “Yes!” The Senior VP and CIO had both approved my proposal.

I am walking on air and still can’t believe my dream has come true! I truly couldn’t have made a better impression without the help of [your Proposal Package. It] gave me the tools I needed to pursue this alternative work arrangement with confidence. Thank you…”

Shannon Bryant Brown (got approval to telecommute from Maine)
Healthcare Analyst
Chesterfield, MO

Your Manager is Next!

Yes, you can be confident and convincing and get flex approved by your manager, too. Get started now.

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