How Professionals Like You Got a Approval of a Flexible Work Arrangement

These people now have less stress, lower guilt and more free time for personal and family activities. Their unsolicited testimonials for my Flexible Work Proposal Packages, posted with permission, prove what’s possible for you.

“My bosses couldn’t refuse.”

“[You] provided me with everything I needed to create a great proposal, one my bosses couldn’t refuse! Your proposal gave me the confidence to ask for a lot and the ammunition to get it. Thank you.” Jill Giese, Account Executive, Boise, ID

Telecommuting Proposal Template

“I’ve tried to convince management that I could make a limited hour schedule work before and I’ve always been turned down.This time, my flawless proposal got through the brick wall!” Lorraine Sitton, Senior Paralegal, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Many thanks for the research and structure you provide to create a winning proposal; my compressed workweek schedule has been approved.” Diana Mezick, Administrative Assistant, Bethesda, MD 

MEDIA MENTION: Working Mother Magazine President

One of the most effective Ironclad Proposals I’ve ever seen was [from] a great online resource called, where work-life expert Pat Katepoo offers proposal templates for a variety of flexible work arrangements. From This Is How We Do It (page 207), by Carol Evans, CEO and President, Working Mother magazine

“Now I have a balanced personal and professional life.” 

“I received several compliments on the proposal…I am now working three days a week and I am loving it…You gave me the tools I needed, the confidence to present it and now I have a balanced personal and professional life.” Tina Hinzman, Senior Work Process Tools Trainer, Ellicott City, MD

Part-time ProposalTime to Cook, Read, Relax

Beth Palmer of Sugar Land, Texas, is Vice President/Production for The Quest Business Agency, a small marketing communications firm. Her school-aged daughter used to get up at 5:45 to be at morning care so that Beth could be at her desk by 8 AM; pick-up after work was at 6 PM. Not anymore.

“My bosses were impressed with the level of [proposal] detail and said that reducing my work week from 40 to 32 hours was do-able.” Beth trimmed her workday at both ends.

“No more hitting the decks running. We have time to make a nutritious meal, practice guitar, study for tests, read, or just relax before bed at 8:30 PM. Thank you for a great product.”


Consultant Pat Katepoo has thought of everything, put it into no-nonsense terminology and included an irresistible business case. Just fill in the blanks. Susan Seitel, President, WFC Resources

“Wednesdays are mine!”Compressed Work Week Proposal

Hope Tera, a PC trainer for an international bank in New York City, shortened her workweek by one day. “Before I went to your website, I drafted up my own proposal. It was half a page and vague. I’m convinced that management took my request seriously because of [your proposal’s] professional layout and detailed information. Wednesdays are mine! It’s going to make such a huge difference in my quality of life. My son is going to have a calmer mother. We thank you!”

Saving 8 hours a Week CommutingTelecommuting Proposal

Wayne Patton, VP, Marketing of Diversified Financial Associates, endures long commutes into Los Angeles. But not as often since using the Telecommuting Proposal Package. “I now telecommute from home two days each week saving me 8 hours of commute time. I am more focused on my firm’s agenda with less wear and tear on myself mentally, not to mention the expense of driving 120 round trip miles each day. The [proposal] template was so easy to follow and one of the most thoughtful work-related tools I’ve encountered…”


In a review by …Katepoo clearly knows her stuff…[the Proposal Packages are] a huge time and labor saver with proven results

“Why Can’t All My Friends Do This?”

Pat KatepooHi, there. I’m Pat Katepoo, founder of, and I know about your daily stress and time-starved life. That’s why I developed the flexible work Proposal Packages you’re reading about here.

A flexible work arrangement was the key to my work-life sanity years ago. And it got me thinking that all my friends and everyone else should be able to enjoy a flexible schedule, too. That drove me to develop the Proposal Packages, to make it fast and easy to ask. Click on my photo for the rest of the story. Better yet, download a Proposal Package today so you can be telling me your flex success story soon.

“Yeah right, like I am going to pay for some proposal…”

Robin Whicker, a music industry account executive in Nashville, wanted a shorter workweek after having her baby girl. She didn’t see the need at first for making a written request, and paying for such a proposal was even farther from her mind. That is, until…

“I emailed [my boss] about going part-time and didn’t get much of a response…I decided I needed something more substantial regarding my request. I had seen your website before, but thought, ‘Yeah right, like I am going to pay for some proposal sight-unseen!’ [But then it] seemed like a pretty good investment if I could get what I needed into my hands quickly.” Here’s how it played out:

Part-time Proposal “Your part-time proposal outlined exactly what I needed. Within an hour I had plugged in my specific changes and handed it to my boss (this was two weeks ago). This morning, he agreed to all that I requested! I am ecstatic!

I’m certain that the proposal is what convinced them [the boss and his manager] that I was serious and put it into a format they could discuss with the higher-ups…you did cover several bases I hadn’t thought of…Your product is fantastic. Thank you so much.”

MEDIA MENTION: The Wall Street Journal

For help developing flexible schedules, see, which has templates for writing proposals you can submit to the boss. Sue Shellenbarger, The Wall Street Journal, Re-assess Your Stress Level And Put Your Life in Balance

Spending More Time at Home with Her Baby Daughter

Kristen Jones of Franklin, Massachusetts, is a Senior Business Systems Analyst in the financial industry. After her daughter was born she wanted to breastfeed exclusively, even as a working mother. A part-time schedule along with a caregiver (her mom) just a few miles from her workplace made the difference.

“My boss agreed to let me work a three-day work week (much to my surprise). Now I’ll be able to spend more time at home with my new baby daughter, even as my maternity leave ends. I don’t think that things would have turned out the way they did if it weren’t for your part-time proposal package. Thank you so much.”

“Starting my first day of freedom…”

Nick Shippers is a web developer for a university medical center in Rochester, New York. He wanted one to two weekdays off each week to have more time for his freelance web work, while still holding his interesting and satisfying “anchor” job. Not only did he get it, but his employer suggested more flexibility than he had proposed! He reports:

“Working part-time in my department had always been a no-no. Then I downloaded the [Part-time Proposal] package and a light-bulb went on. I am now starting my first day of freedom, thanks to you. What’s amazing is that I was able to transition from salary to hourly with the same pay and the liberty to work as little as 20 hours and a maximum of 40 hours a week. Now I have the freedom of part-time yet the comfort of knowing that I can vary my hours as needed to have financial stability. Thank you so much for helping me lift a ton of bricks off my shoulders and providing me with the right message and tools to start my first day of freedom!


…a very useful how-to site…run by Pat Katepoo, who is widely acknowledged in the United States as a flexible work arrangement expert…” From Job Sharing: Two Heads Are Better Than One (page 105), by Mary O’Hanlon & Angela Morella of Australia

Fewer Hours with Full Pay and Benefits

Rosalie Seiler of Parker, Colorado, shows that anything is possible with a great proposal. A sales associate and office manager in the hotel and meeting planning industry, she was able to negotiate a 34-hour workweek without a pay cut.

“Thanks to your Part-time Proposal Package, I was successful in getting my work schedule changed from full-time to Monday to Thursday, 8-5:30, with Fridays off, yet keeping my current salary and full benefits. My proposal was well-accepted by the decision-makers. They liked the fact that it was detailed and that I had a plan for the times I’d be out of the office. Many thanks for your proposal template!”

Convinced and Impressed a Reluctant Boss

For almost two months, Aimee Dennis, a director of development for a non-profit in Dallas, had discussed her request for a flexible work arrangement with her “very reluctant” boss.

Job Sharing Proposal“Just when I thought we had reached an impasse, my husband stumbled across your website. I downloaded [your Proposal Package] in the morning, prepared my proposal, and submitted it the same afternoon. The next morning, after a 10-minute discussion, she approved it. She was extremely impressed with how thorough it was and I had an answer to her every objection. She even said, ‘You just addressed every single concern I had.’ I’ll be job sharing and telecommuting and this will allow me the kind of flexibility and time I need for my two children. Your proposal templates are worth every penny!


“One of the best tools I’ve found…a detailed blueprint to help you negotiate your proposal…enhance the chances of your proposal being accepted. From Work Less, Live More (page 188), by Paula Brook

“More time with my children…reduce my stress…a wonderful change”

Judy Balcomb-Richey is the Information Systems Manager for Lehr Middlebrooks Price & Vreeland, a Birmingham Alabama law firm. In conveying her Proposal Package story she wrote:

“I got word yesterday that my proposal for reducing my workweek was approved. My new schedule will be M-F from 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., allowing me to pick up my girls from school. Typically, I do not get home until around 6:30 in the evening, so this will be a wonderful change. In the past, my employer has been very resistant to schedule changes. Your plan helped me create a proposal that was professional, organized and answered their questions and concerns up-front. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that I will be able to spend more time with my children and reduce my stress level.”


 …a valuable site for those considering more flexible employment options… From Smart Marriage: Using Your (Business) Head as Well as Your Heart to Find Wedded Bliss (page 176), by Allen Parkman

“A job I love, plus enough time for me and my family.”

Kim Stephens is Senior Cost Accountant at Foremost Farms, a dairy bottling company in Wisconsin. She described her employer as “very conservative,” noting that there were no salaried part time individuals in a company of 3000 employees run by men. Kim proposed a four-day, 32-hour workweek to start upon return from her maternity leave. She was told that she was “too important” and that they had many projects for her to do.

“I was very disappointed but ended the conversation saying that I would like to revisit the idea in one year. They agreed. I knew from all of your information…to not let the door close. I would never have thought of this on my own and would have just let no be no forever!

Part-time ProposalDetermined to show her employer that she could make a four-day week work, Kim took a 10-week family and medical (maternity) leave, and used the remaining two weeks (10 work days) to take off one day at a time, once a week, for 10 weeks. Then she returned to work full-time. Four months later, the one-year post-proposal point arrived and she followed through on presenting the proposal again, as agreed.

I presented the [proposal again], including a proposed 10% cut in pay rather than 20%. They approved it at a 15% cut! I’m still pinching myself! This is the best! I feel so lucky to have a job I love, plus enough time for me and my family.

Thank you! This meant the world to us and I would not have been successful without your [Proposal Package] plan. David, Alexander and Zayda thank you also!”

No Policy? No Problem

You’re far from alone if you’re employed where there’s no company policy on flexible work. That’s why you must take the initiative to ask for the schedule you want. Here are a few typical examples of Flexible Work Proposal Package users who were first in their work area to get a flexible work schedule.

“I am the first…”

“Working at a company with no flexible work arrangements at all, I presented a proposal which was well-tailored to meet my needs as well as my employer’s. I am the first to have a part-time schedule. The proposal received high praises from my Director and VP. Thank you so very much for being there!” Normalee Sirota, Senior Tax Accountant, Burlington, NJ


“Pat Katepoo has developed excellent templates that you can download and personalize for your company and job situation…” From Working After Retirement for Dummies (page 226), by Lita Epstein

Another First

Part-time Proposal“I knew I needed a formal proposal…but I just didn’t know where to start. Before finding your Proposal Package, I spent many hours doing some research myself. The day I finally stumbled onto your program, I woke up thinking, ‘If there was just something on the Internet or in a book that had a proposal ready to go with statistics and facts, then I would feel so much more comfortable talking to my boss.’ Your plan was a breeze to use and much more clear and concise than what I could have come up with. I opted for an 80% workweek and got exactly what I wanted. NOBODY has ever had any flexible arrangements here before I got approval. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Amy Abedi, Irvine, CA

First in the Department

Compressed Work Week Proposal“Hi Pat, I have to say you have an excellent product…your Proposal Package helped me put together a detailed, inclusive document that was successful in helping to convince my employer that a 4-day work week would not only benefit me, but also the company…It was very helpful in quickly pulling together the justifications and covering all the bases…

The day after I briefly mentioned my plans, my boss told me that it was unlikely that he would “do without” me one day a week. However, following the review of my proposal, he completely changed his story…I knew I had an uphill battle, but your package made my proposal much more comprehensive and helped me to be convincingly logical (to my boss!) Thanks!” Danielle Ouendag, Environmental Affairs Manager, Grand Rapids, MI, FIRST in the facilities engineering department to propose a flex schedule

Telecommuting ProposalNew Territory: “Has not ever been done before.”

“Thank you for developing the Telecommuting Proposal Package. Although I had thought about most of the info you outlined in your template, it [helped] me organize my proposal, offered some additional ideas, provided me with a great strategy and the responses for any objections.  My proposal to work from home (in another state!) was accepted on a trial basis in part because the proposal was so complete and comprehensive and because my job is perfect for telecommuting. This was new territory for my organization and has not ever been done before.” Elaine Guanci, Applications Development Project Manager, Buford, GA

Job Sharing ProposalFirst at the Company

“Thanks so much…We just received approval for our job share arrangement! We are the first at our company to try this arrangement. I know that we wouldn’t have received approval without our written proposal. My boss and my boss’s boss were so impressed. They raved about how comprehensive our proposal was and how they knew we were serious based on the amount of work that went into our proposal. Little did they know that we had some help from you [the Job Sharing Proposal Package].” Laurie Graham, Senior Manager, Corporate Accounting, Troy, MI


an excellent resource…download directly onto your computer…all you have to do is fill in the specifics of your situation…Some of the women in this book swore by this product…helping them create a professional proposal and successfully negotiate the work arrangement they wanted. From Flex Appeal (page 77), by Jacqueline Foley

“[Your Proposal Package] worked great for me. I went from a five day, 40+ hour work week to a four day, 35 hour work week. Your outline and information allowed me to construct a comprehensive plan which was well received by my employer. I was the first in our company of 200 employees to ask for this flexible arrangement.” Barbara Bumblis, Documentation Manager, Santa Ana, CA

“Pat: We were successful in setting up a job share arrangement at our company, a Fortune 500 printing company based in Chicago. It is the first such arrangement in the company’s 130 year history for sales representatives…Thank you for the job share ideas and proposal outline.” Sara Keese, Sales Representative, RR Donnelley & Sons, Chicago

“Sanity has been restored to our lives!”

“My proposal was accepted and approved within two weeks…it was so professional, detailed, and well-written that no one even asked any questions! I could never have put together such a comprehensive and polished proposal without [it]. My only regret is that I did not ask for more! But now that I have the proper tool, I would feel confident if I needed to further restructure my position. I thank you and so do my husband and my 3 children. Sanity has been restored to our lives! Feel free to post any of my comments on your website. Your Proposal Package deserves rave reviews! And thank you again for enabling us all to take control of our lives and careers.” Caren Helms, Engineer, Standards Department, Underwriters Laboratories, Raleigh, NC

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