Got 2 Minutes? Copy Page 1 of Your Telecommuting Proposal

A hard-copy proposal makes a critical difference in getting your request for a telecommuting arrangement approved. Do you have two minutes? You can start it now.

Highlight and copy the INTRODUCTION and PURPOSE sections below, excerpted from the Telecommuting Proposal Package. Then paste into a word processing document.

Customize the information inside the brackets and you’re already done with page one.


Submitted by [your name]



This proposal outlines a plan for modifying my current full-time position as [job title] into a more [or an equally] productive telecommuting arrangement.

It aligns with [your employer’s name]’s objectives to [insert your employer’s published statements of objectives for employee satisfaction or for being an “employer of choice.” Refer to Proposal Preparation Step 1 in the Telecommuting Proposal Package to custom-tailor this paragraph.]

[If not too lengthy, insert a few quotes from online or printed company literature that support what you’ve just stated above. If your employer has no published statements to draw upon, use the following:]

With its focus on productivity rather than job location, the proposed plan also aligns with progressive workplace practices in companies [or organizations] throughout the US, Canada and Europe, including IBM, Proctor & Gamble, and Prudential. Measurable employer cost-advantages and productivity have been well-documented. See Bottom-Line Benefits of Telecommuting at the end of this proposal.

(Note: “Bottom-Line Benefits of Telecommuting” is included in the Telecommuting Proposal Package. This section alone will save you hours of research time.)

My demonstrated abilities to work independently, manage my time and workload, and solve problems with minimal supervision, characterize me as the type of employee to be successful in a telecommuting arrangement.

[Optional add-on] The widespread availability of tools for remote access make telecommuting feasible, affordable and ideal for individuals—myself included—who are comfortable [and adept] with current technology.

In addition, the overall responsibilities of the [job title] qualify it as [select: ideal or suitable] for telecommuting in the manner proposed below.


The plan I’ve outlined below is a cost-saving [if the term applies] approach to retaining my training and experience that will also foster an increase in on-the-job [select: productivity; concentration; energy; engagement; loyalty; efficiency; creativity].

[Add this line if you’re working on a critical project:] In addition, time and energy saved from cutting my commute [x] days a week will foster greater focus on [special project name or description].

With these and other operational advantages in mind (see “Bottom-Line Benefits”), it’s easy to see why telecommuting is being used by progressive employers as a business strategy. End of Page 1

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You completed page one; now get the rest done—today. What’s next? The lengthier PLAN section is the core of your proposal. Yet it’s relatively quick to customize it to match your job.

You’ll find the PLAN section’s custom-insert places are framed with persuasive words and compelling phrases (a distinct advantage of a Proposal Package from WorkOptions over a generic one), which position you, the person, on your merits as an employee.

“I received many positive comments on the overall organization of my proposal…It was helpful to have someone present ways to word things and give structure and flow…[your proposal] gave me confidence that I would not have had otherwise.” Mary Beth McCarthy, Head of Corporate Communications, Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc., Champaign and Chicago, Illinois

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