First Trimester Tactic: Start Telecommuting Now

woman-laptopIf you’re a newly-pregnant professional, here’s a first-trimester tactic to make your work-life smoother now and well into motherhood:

Request a telecommuting arrangement as soon as possible and before you announce your pregnancy.

Why now? Because later, as a new mom, you’re probably going to want it—with child care in place, of course—as part of your work-life management strategy.  I know this because I hear from new moms all the time, and working from home ranks high on their wish list.

Start telecommuting now two or three days out of the five-day workweek, and you’ll have several months before your baby arrives to demonstrate the productivity pay-off of working remotely. There will be no need to prove it as a new mother; it will simply be the way you work as a professional.

Because when it comes to requesting flexible work, don’t get personal; your new baby needs to be a non-issue. Naturally, your baby is a big deal in your life, but not part of the business case proposition you’ll pitch to your manager.

Get telecommuting approved now and you’ll simply be able to continue the arrangement as the established norm after your maternity leave ends.

Why now? Here are a few more really good reasons:

  • On the day(s) you’re hit with morning sickness, you’ll be relieved to be able to work from home.
  • When your phase-back-to-work part-time plan includes doing some of your work remotely, you’ll be glad you’re already set up to do so.
  • When it’s time for a feeding and your child care provider brings your baby to you to nurse at your breast instead of your having to head to the office lactation room to pump your milk, you’ll bask in the arrangement.

So don’t wait. Get your proposal to telecommute ready today and request to work from home soon.

The Fastest Way to Get Flexible Work Approved

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