Take Back Your Time: How to Redesign Your Job to Work from Home

Rushing Against TimeAdmit it: your daily commute to and from work is stealing precious hours from you and your family.

Countless. Irretrievable. Hours.

Are you ready for a change?

Now that you know how to counter the three reasons you’re still not telecommuting, it’s time to take steps to prepare your pitch.

“Exactly how will your job get done in a telecommuting arrangement?”

That’s the king-sized question on your manager’s mind which you must address as you complete your proposal to telecommute (aka telework).

If your manager puts a premium on face time, first make it clear that your (initial) remote working arrangement is for one or two, maybe three, days a week, not five.

Beyond that, you need to clearly outline how your work will get done under your new telework arrangement. The pre-proposal preparation exercise below describes the simple steps for redesigning your job to telecommute.

It also serves as a showcase of your responsibilities and accomplishments which will remind your manager and others who might review your proposal how you are contributing to the organization.

This showcase listing will positively influence their decision if they wisely consider employee retention. So use rich, job-specific descriptions related to your role to highlight your critical contributions. Don’t skimp on the details.

The results of this exercise will help you complete the “B. Job Responsibilities” section of your Telecommuting Proposal Template.

How to Redesign Your Job to Work from Home (or Anywhere Else)

Step 1. List the various work functions of your current position. Use your job description and keep a work log to aid you in this step.

Step 2. Carefully think through the specifics of each job function. Then label each function with the letter corresponding to the selections below.

A: This function must be performed at the main office or other employer setting

B: This function can be done at my home office or other remote location (Ask yourself: which parts of my job are portable?)

C: This function can be done at either location or “blended” to be done at both

Step 3. Insert your results under the corresponding headings in the Telecommuting Proposal Template section labeled B. Job Responsibilities, as follows:

B. Job Responsibilities

Under the proposed arrangement, all aspects of my position are maintained [optional: with an expected increase in productivity typical of the uninterrupted workflow of off-site work settings].

Below I’ve listed my main job responsibilities and tasks with explanations on how each one will be handled within a telecommuting environment.


[List the job functions under letter A]


[List the job functions under letter B]

EITHER OFFICE (optional)

[List the job functions under letter C]

Then continue with more details in the remaining sections of the proposal, that is, Communication, Collaboration, Physical Set-up, Employer Benefits, and so forth, as listed in the proposal template of the Telecommuting Proposal Package.

Be Other-Oriented

Think through how your off-site arrangement will impact the work and workload of others in the office (besides, of course, your manager) and how you’ll garner their support. You’ll need to meet with some of them to get their input, identify possible problems that might arise with your arrangement, and to work through mutually-agreeable solutions or adjustments.

Why Not You?

Millions of other professionals are telecommuting, working remotely part of each week. Why not you? Start by redesigning your job to do parts of it from home (or anywhere else).

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