Fulfill Your Travel Dreams−Without Quitting Your Job:
How to Get a Mini-Sabbatical Approved
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What’s your travel dream? To take a nature photography course in Alaska or Africa? Immerse yourself in Asian culture? Volunteer in Boliva? Take Spanish lessons in Costa Rica?

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How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel is a planning workbook and negotiation guide to getting management approval of your plan. And it’s available for immediate download. At no charge.

Do You Match These Criteria for Taking a Short-term Sabbatical?

  • You’re a mid-career professional who needs a break from your regular work
  • You’re itching to take several weeks off to pursue a passion, preferably in a faraway place
  • Your employer has no sabbatical leave policy (otherwise, you won’t need my guide)
  • You have a solid job performance record with the same employer for 5+ years

If you’re a match, use How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel to get the leave terms you want. It guides you through a process that makes a short-term sabbatical workable and your manager agreeable.

This Guide is My Gift to You

Pat KatepooHi, my name is Pat Katepoo, and I’m founder of Work Options. Since my website went online in 1997, I’ve equipped professionals in 50 states and more than 35 countries with persuasive proposal templates for winning management approval of better work-life terms.

I’m grateful to my website visitors and customers who’ve kept Work Options thriving. How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel is my latest negotiation guide and I’m excited about its potential to make a meaningful difference in your life. It’s my free gift to you, so why not get started?

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Every journey starts with the first step. It takes months of planning steps to lay the foundation of approval of six weeks off. So why wait? Download How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel today.

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