Six Week Sabbatical

Fulfill Your Travel Dreams−Without Quitting Your Job:
How to Get a Mini-Sabbatical Approved

What’s your travel dream? To take a nature photography course in Alaska or Africa? Immerse yourself in Asian culture? Volunteer in Boliva? Take Spanish lessons in Costa Rica?

If life is short—and you know it is—then six weeks is just a speck in time to devote to your dream. How can you get approval to take several weeks off to pursue it?

Get the Guide to Getting a “Yes”

How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel is a planning workbook and negotiation guide to getting management approval of your plan. And it’s available for immediate download.

Call It a “Short-term Sabbatical” for Purposeful Travel

Position your request this way to boost your chances of approval. To bolster your position, your sabbatical will be characterized by purposeful travel, in one of the four categories below:

Volunteer Abroad ♦ Christian Missions Trip ♦ Learning Vacation ♦ Cultural Immersion

Is This You? See If You’re a Match for a Short-term Sabbatical

  • You’re a mid-career professional who needs a break from your regular work
  • You’re itching to take several weeks off to pursue a passion, preferably in a faraway place
  • Your employer has no sabbatical leave policy (otherwise, you won’t need my guide)
  • You’re a solid performer in your job role
  • You’ve worked for your employer for five+ years (four years is the absolute minimum)

If you meet the above criteria, you’re not only ripe for requesting a short-term sabbatical, but you’re a fine fit for using How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel to get the leave terms you want. It guides you through a process that makes a short-term sabbatical workable and your manager agreeable. Take the steps to get a “Yes” to your request!

Secrets to Getting Approval of a Six-Week Sabbatical to Travel

In the How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel you get:

  • A practically-completed proposal with persuasive wording for winning approval
  • “Purpose” wording for the four types of purposeful sabbatical travel listed above
  • Seven ideas for work coverage and scripts to introduce them
  • Multiple ways to present the benefits of your time off to match the nature of your job
  • A month-by-month planning and preparation checklist to pave the way to approval
  • Three conditions that foster getting a paid sabbatical
  • Five ways to fund your sabbatical, including surprising yet viable sources

Plus Get Scripted Replies to Objections

Even with a professional and persuasive proposal, you can expect some questions and push-back. You’ll know exactly what to say to these three common objections :

  • “A sabbatical leave? Six weeks off? I can’t let you go for that long!”
  • “I can’t approve this; we don’t have a sabbatical policy here.”
  • “If I let you do it, everyone else will want to do the same.”

You get two pages of scripted replies to these challenges from your manager.

Who Wrote It?

Pat KatepooI’m Pat Katepoo, founder of Work Options. Since my website went online in 1997, I’ve equipped professionals in 50 states and more than 35 countries with persuasive proposal templates for winning management approval of better work-life terms.

My advice has appeared in dozens of media outlets and this ebook was mentioned in a New York Times article when I was interviewed about taking time off. This is my latest negotiation guide and I’m excited about its potential to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Table of Contents: 50+ Pages Packed with Practical Steps and Strategic Advice

You Don’t Have to Quit or Retire to Take Six Weeks Off to Travel
Why Six? Three Strategic Reasons for Taking Six Weeks Off
Beyond Reasons: Six Weeks is a Speck in Time

Six-Week Sabbatical Proposal Outline
Six-Week Sabbatical Proposal Template
Proposal “Purpose” Wording for Four Types of Purposeful Travel
Proposal “Benefits” Wording Examples

Six Planning Tactics You Can Start Now
Countdown Checklist: Month-by-Month Action Steps
Work Coverage Ideas: Seven Possibilities and Scripts
How to Make Your Work Coverage Easier

Rehearse a Strong Opening
Know Your Options If Your Ideal Terms Aren’t Met
Scripted Replies to Objections to Your Proposal

Five Ways to Fund Your Sabbatical
How to Get a Paid Sabbatical

Write your “Why”
Stay Accountable
Take Your Trip!

Start Today to Make Your Sabbatical Travel Dream a Reality

Every journey starts with the first step. It takes months of planning steps to lay the foundation of approval of six weeks off. So why wait? There are no tomorrows; download How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel today. Take your first step.

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