Are You Getting the Pay You Deserve?

One reason you’re not getting paid what you’re worth is you haven’t been asking for it. Maybe you wait too long to ask. (Has it been > 18 months since your last review?)

Or you’re nervous to negotiate causing you to ask for—or accept—too little. So your salary falls short of what’s possible and what you deserve. These are common negotiating behaviors among women. But it doesn’t have to be that way any more.

Prep for Your Performance Review and Raise Request

Negotiate the Best Possible Salary Package in a New Job

A new job is one of the best route to higher employee pay. Remember, the first salary offer is not the employer’s best offer. Job candidates are expected to negotiate. Many women don’t.

Why? Because of their discomfort with the negotiation process. So they accept the first low-end-of-the-range offer, losing thousands of dollars of earning power in the near-term, and for years to come.

You can do better than that. But you have to learn and practice salary negotiation strategies way ahead of time. Start with self-learning; there are lots of worthy salary negotiation books available. I’ve listed a few on the Resources page.

When the stakes are high and a do-it-yourself approach doesn’t cut it for you, salary negotiation coaching is a career investment that pays for itself many times over.

I’m not the only who provides salary coaching (here’s one alternative), but I think you’ll find my hourly rates and approach appealing enough to follow through. Learn more.

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