How to Get the Pay Raise You Deserve (Finally!) at Your Current or New Job

One reason you’re not getting paid what you’re worth is you haven’t been asking for it. Maybe you wait too long to ask. Or you’re nervous to negotiate causing you to ask for—or accept—too little. So your salary falls short of what’s possible and what you deserve. These are common negotiating behaviors among women. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you any more.

Note: Starting in 2015, I moved the Higher Pay topic to my Pay Raise Prep School. Links below open in a new window to that website.


One-to-One Negotiation Coaching

I coach women who are unsure about how to start the pay raise conversation with their current manager, or how to negotiate salary with a hiring manager.

If the stakes are high and a do-it-yourself approach doesn’t cut it for you, salary negotiation coaching is a career investment that pays for itself many times over. Get started here.

Pay Raise Prep School for Women

How do you get your manager to say Yes to your pay raise request? Pay Raise Prep School offers online training that walks you through to agreement.

If you were disappointed with your last salary increase, learn exactly what to do and say to get higher pay at Pay Raise Prep School for Women. View the Prep School website.