Moms and Dads + Flexible Work = More Time for Your Kids

It’s been said that love is spelled t-i-m-e. Enjoy more time with your kids by getting a flexible work arrangement where you work—soon. Start with these strategies. (New or expectant parents, get your maternity leave negotiation guide here.)

Don’t Get Personal! — Yes, your reasons (that is, your children) for asking for flexible work are personal, but follow this strategy for making the business case in order to get your manager’s approval.

How to Build Your Confidence to ASK for Flexible Work — This has been the most common barrier I’ve observed over the years—especially among working mothers—prompting me to write this page.

3 Reasons Telecommuting Pays Off for Dads — Read why telecommuting is often the best flex choice for dads.

5 Affordable Ways to Have Fridays Off might be your ticket to building family time.

How to Cut Your Hours and Keep Close to Full-time Pay — Enough income plus enough time for the family—a wonderful combination. Check out how you might reduce your hours without reducing much of your pay.

Will Your Boss Say YES to Your Flexible Work Request? — Take the quiz to find out.

Explore Your Options & Negotiate Your Work-Life Design

You know you want more time with your children, right? But maybe in the blur of your hectic life, you can’t clearly see all your work options. Would you like to?

I can help you define and negotiate a custom work-life design work to match your personal, professional and financial realities. Schedule a coaching session with me today.