For Your Baby’s Sake: Don’t Miss Out on
Getting the Most (Paid) Time Off Possible

Instead, Max Your Maternity Leave

After hours on hours of looking at web pages, I was left overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. [Max Your Maternity Leave] helped me write a clear concise handover for my team to make sure everyone was inline as well as helped me settle on the terms of my return with my manager. Liz, (from a review on Amazon)

You’re pregnant. You’re emplMax Your Maternity Leaveoyed. And now you’re facing a pile of questions:

 How many weeks of leave am I entitled to?
 How can I have a longer paid maternity leave?
 What options do I have for returning to work with a flexible schedule?
 How do I ask for what I want without being turned down or marginalized?
How can I overcome my nervousness about asking for what I want?

Max Your Maternity Leave guides you from the fog of confusion to clear answers.

I was worried about how I would tell my manager that I am pregnant and negotiate more leave. [Max Your Maternity Leave] book and template helped me frame the conversation and come off as a very professional person…Jessica D., San Francisco (via Amazon)

Available for Immediate Download, Use It to Develop:

 A solid plan for yourself for the best maternity leave possible (time and $)
 A persuasive proposal for your manager that considers business needs
 The confidence to ask for the plan you need for you and your family

What is Max Your Maternity Leave?

It’s a planner, negotiation guide and a proposal template for pregnant working women in the USA. Use it to get what you’re entitled to, and more.

Note the subtitle: How to Get More Time Off With Your Baby Than Your Employer’s Plan Provides.

No matter where you work, you can get a better maternity leave than what your employer offers, if you know the secrets to asking for it. The little-known strategies in this downloadable ebook reveal how you can get extra weeks off, some with full or partial pay. Read on.

The Negotiation Guide (Because Time with Your Baby is Priceless)

You get roughly 45 pages packed with strategic advice for getting what you want. Use the guide to learn:

Max Your Maternity Leave How to figure your “baseline maternity leave” — Determine how many weeks you are entitled to by law, employer policy, or both.

How to get more paid maternity leave
— Learn the three conditions that foster a favorable outcome, and find out if you meet them.

 Nine different ideas for work coverage — Supply your manager with solutions so you can take more time off with your baby.

 How to return to work part-time using FMLA — Use this little-known way to make a transition back to work easier and more affordable.

 The strategic way to request add-on weeks of leave that makes it difficult to refuse — Plus what to say (scripted replies) to change your manager’s mind if you are challenged.

♥ How to weave your request for a flexible return-to-work into your maternity leave proposal — Make the transition easier by having a plan upfront.

♥ Proven tactics for asking for what you want without anxiety — Immediately start using researched-based tactics that help women negotiate with a lot less nervousness.

The Maternity Leave Proposal Template

Once you complete the negotiation guide, you will weave what you learned into a first-class proposal. Using the template to develop professionally-crafted proposal builds your confidence to ask, and turns your request into a strong presentation. The proposal template itself is 2 to 3 pages, depending on how you customize it to fit your needs.

For easy fill-in-the-blanks editing, you get a .doc file of the template attached to the PDF.

You can get a better maternity leave than what your (USA) employer offers—if you know how to ask. Yes, possibly even more paid time off.

Using the strategies in your [Max Your Maternity Leave] planner, I asked for and got approval for 12 weeks of full pay while on leave. (The company standard is 6 weeks’ pay under their short-term disability policy.) Thank you. Rebecca Jami, Production Manager (for a printing firm), Alexandria, Virginia

Max Your Maternity Leave equips you to ask for the maternity leave you want—more time with your baby while keeping income flowinginstead of the one that’s offered. (Your employer’s paltry policy was a shocker, wasn’t it?)

I used [Max Your Maternity Leave] to get a 16-week leave (longer than standard) that was almost entirely paid. Of all of the purchases that I made preparing for my newborn baby, this was far and away the most valuable. The included proposal template is easy to follow, quick to prepare, and exceedingly professional. (Not said lightly; I was an English major at Bates College, so I have high standards for language.) The finished proposal is bulletproof and supplies answers to a manager’s common questions, which built my confidence to ask for what I wanted. Charis Loveland, Senior Program Manager, Software Industry, Boston, MA

Here’s another example: Melissa is a Policy Manager for a non-profit association outside of Washington, DC. It’s so small, there’s no leave policy nor is one required by law. Yet Max Your Maternity Leave delivered what she wanted.

My Executive Director and the Executive Committee thought the written request was great. They approved my request for 12 weeks leave with 4 paid! An excellent outcome. Melissa H., Arlington, Virginia

A powerful proposal can persuasively challenge the status quo. It’s worth it to nudge the boundaries—especially if you can get paid leave that isn’t otherwise offered. It doesn’t happen every time, but it happens enough to say, “asking works.”

…the negotiating experience for me and my bosses was very positive. Caroline Platt

Who Wrote It?

Pat KatepooThat would be me, Pat Katepoo, work options advisor and negotiation coach since 1993. I am the author of the Flexible Work Proposal Packages that have been recommended by The Wall Street Journal and many others. My products have sold to satisfied customers in all 50 states and (to my amazement) more than 35 countries.

Along the way, I figured out how to apply my proven approval formula for flexible work to better maternity leaves: the first edition of Max Your Maternity Leave was released in 2003. And it works! Try it for yourself at a special price geared to new moms-to-be.

My advice has been featured in American Baby, Fit Pregnancy, Woman’s Day, Working Mother, Parents, Forbes, Smart Money, Essence, US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, and even a few fleeting seconds on NBC Nightly News.

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Your Baby + Your Time Off = Priceless

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*These are the two most popular Flexible Work Proposal Packages (of four versions) among my customers who are new moms. They will equip you to return to work on your terms so you have more time with your baby.

Max Your Maternity Leave is so well-written—it was meticulous in meeting my needs as well as my employer’s, resulting in 100% approval. My supervisor accepted my proposal with no pushback, and I’m absolutely thrilled! After my maternity leave, my plan is to work from home three days a week through the transition phase until my baby is about 6 months old. Without a doubt, your product helped me get the results I needed for both my job and my family. Grace M. Smith, Intellectual Property Paralegal, Charleston, SC. She purchased the Deluxe Package.