Planning Your Maternity Leave Doesn’t Have to Be So Confusing

Sure, you have a ton of questions: How many weeks of leave am I entitled to? How can I have a longer paid maternity leave? When should I ask for it? How should I ask for it? What about work coverage while I’m away? How can I return to work with a flexible work arrangement?

Planning leave in the USA is a challenge, but you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. I have a process that provides the step-by-step guidance to get you through the maternity leave maze. Choose your pregnancy phase and follow the steps below to get the advice and support you need.

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*Reminder: Find these return-to-work articles in your copy of Max Your Maternity Leave.

Already on Maternity Leave or Back to Work? Got Work-Life Questions?

Let’s talk. Book a Custom Flex Strategy Session for a fresh perspective on your options.

I was facing difficult return-to-work decisions when I had my sessions with Pat during maternity leave. I needed clarity in both career direction and strategy. Her guidance provided me with a formula for work-life balance; the framework to evaluate my present position, including scripts for potentially stressful work negotiations, and also how to begin to place preventative measures for future career choices. Pat’s professionalism and commitment gave me confidence about asking for what I wanted and emphasized the importance of always taking the ‘high road’. Teri Hayward, DC, Burlington, Ontario

Talking with Pat…really helped me a lot! It opened my eyes to some unhealthy workplace dynamics and she made me realize that I shouldn’t settle for a situation that wasn’t working for me and my family. Long story short, this clarity drove me to make new work arrangements after my baby was born, and I am so much happier now. Danielle B., Missouri (She requested no further identification.)

You Are Not Alone

It can get overwhelming. I’m here to guide and support you through resources and consultations. So take it from the top: pick your pregnancy** phase above and follow the steps below it.

**If you’ll be eligible for leave as an adoptive or foster mom, select the steps that make the most sense for your situation’s timing.