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Do You Need an Easy Way to Get Your Boss to Let You Job Share?

You found it. With the Job Sharing Proposal Package, you can be ready with a custom proposal by tomorrow. (Without sacrificing any sleep.)

Job Sharing ProposalThe secret to getting a ‘yes’ to your request is to present an air-tight plan and proposal that provides the business case for your new job sharing arrangement.

Why written? Because a verbal request sets you up for a knee-jerk ‘no.’ So without a detailed proposal, you risk quick rejection.

But your days are non-stop, there’s no room for another “to-do” item, plus you’re too wiped to write a proposal from scratch, right?

Download It Today; Done By Tomorrow

You’re not alone. Thousands of busy professionals in all 50 states and more than 35 countries have used my proposal template packages to get quick approval of a flexible work arrangement.

“I downloaded [your Proposal Package]…and submitted it the same afternoon. The next morning, after a 10-minute discussion, [my manager] approved it. She even said, ‘You just addressed every single concern I had.’ This will allow me the flexibility and time I need…” Aimee Dennis, Director of Development, Dallas, TX

Pat KatepooMy name is Pat Katepoo and I know first-hand the “not-enough-time” issues you’re facing. So in 1993, I started Work Options to make it easier for people like you to ask for a flexible work arrangement.

Since putting Work Options online in 1997, I’ve equipped thousands of professionals with a proven proposal template that gets approval of a job sharing arrangement about 90% of the time. Why not be next?

“My manager said he appreciated the formal proposal; it demonstrated to him that I had fully thought through what I was asking. You made this so easy!Kacie Harkins, Product Development Manager, The Chickering Group, An Aetna Company, Cambridge, MA

The Job Sharing Proposal Package is…

  • Fast: Order today and instantly download your package of documents.
  • Easy: Simply insert custom edits in the word document proposal template to match your job.
  • Affordable: Far less than a tank of gas (swiftly recouped).
  • Persuasive: Has a tight structure that makes it tough for your boss to say ‘no.’
  • Time-Saving: It’s practically finished for you; just fill in the blanks. You eliminate hours of researching, organizing, writing and editing.
  • Thorough: Your proposal covers all the bases that you might not otherwise think of, addressing all the key issues that your manager wants satisfied.
  • Confidence-Building: More than a proposal template, it’s a complete planning and negotiation guide with steps for restructuring your job, strategies for opening the conversation, scripted replies to six common objections, and more.

Yet It’s Not For Everyone
Do You Meet These Three Criteria?

After years of experience with thousands of professionals with all types of managers, I’ve noticed an “approval profile” that consistently gets the green light for job sharing and other flexible work arrangements. The approval profile has these three criteria:

  • You’re a reliable, trusted employee who meets or exceeds expected job performance
  • You’ve worked for the same manager for at least 1 year
  • You follow the format of the template in the Job Sharing Proposal Package

Roughly nine out of 10 people who meet all three criteria get a ‘yes’ to their request to job share. I say this based on follow-up surveys, plus years and years of customer feedback.

If you meet all three, you’re likely to get agreement for a trial period, at the very least.

“One of the most effective ironclad proposals I’ve ever seen…a great online resource [by] work-life expert Pat Katepoo…” From the book, This Is How We Do It, by Carol Evans, CEO and President, Working Mother Media

“But Will It Work for MY Job?”

Yes. You get a proven format in the included proposal template; you simply insert the specifics of your job and responsibilities into the word document. You’ll also customize the Schedule section to match what you want, plus a few other custom edits. Voilà! Your proposal is ready.

There was a time when I logged the job titles of my customers; the first page alone has over 40 different occupations starting with the letter A: Accountant, Ad Agency Rep, Administrative Assistant, Anesthesiologist (he wanted to job share), Applications Engineer, Architect, Art Director, Asset Manager, Assistant Director of HR, Attorney, Auditor—you get the picture.

The complete list has hundreds of occupations. And yours is probably on it. If you want, you can check with me before you make your Proposal Package purchase: pat [at] workoptions [dot] com

“…so easy to customize your format to fit my needs. The professional, written presentation…helped convince my boss…Thanks!” Luanne Cantor, Controller, The Physician’s Computer Company, VT

Why the Free Generic Proposal You Found Online Won’t Work

If you’ve searched online for free sample proposals for flexible work arrangements, I know about your disappointing findings: skimpy skeleton outlines of what to include, but not what to say.

For example, “Make the business case by describing the employer benefits of your proposed flexible work arrangement.” That’s it. You’re left hanging to provide and compose the specifics. But you don’t have time to research and write it all. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

With the Job Sharing Proposal Package, there’s nothing to research or compose; it’s already there. In words that are both persuasive and professional.

The Job Sharing Proposal Package also provides strategy, as well as positive positioning of you and your merits, which makes it more convincing than any generic outline you surface.

“I surfed for hours on alternative work schedules. While I found a lot of material, yours was the most in-depth. It’s nice to see actual proposal examples!” Dana Thompson, Wichita, KS

Why Not Write It Yourself?

The fact is, you could write it yourself, but aren’t you busy enough? You can probably cook, too, but sometimes you want dinner fast and with little effort, right?

The proposal template you get in the Job Sharing Proposal Package is virtually complete, yet easy to customize. (Think Dream Dinners, not Hamburger Helper.)

“…well worth the money…it saved me hours of drafts and redrafts…” Tina O’Brien, Associate Director, Alumni Relations, Seattle University

Are You Wondering…

  • Where do I start?
  • What should be included?
  • How do I say it?
  • Have I missed anything?

You can skip the writing angst because your Job Sharing Proposal Package covers it all. Its fill-in-the-blanks format turns out an impressive and persuasive proposal by tomorrow.

“I write proposals all the time, but this is so personal, I appreciated the guidance in how to discuss this issue in a professional way. (12 days later)…my boss approved my revised work schedule and I am thrilled.” Laura Kaloi, Director, Public Policy, Alexandria, VA

Which Type of Professional Are You:
Work Harder or Work Smarter?

If you’re a “work smarter” professional, you know your time is too valuable to zone out in front of the computer to write a proposal from scratch when it’s already been done for you.

What else? You get strategies and scripts in your Proposal Package. That means, you’ll know what to do and what to say, all along the way:

  • before the pitch,
  • in the proposal itself,
  • and during the presentation.

It’s all there.

“I have known for a long time that I wanted to do this, but didn’t know how to approach it. The guidance you provided was just the boost I needed to send me in the right direction. My boss was very impressed and approved it almost immediately even though [the flexible arrangement] has not been done in this office before. I am so excited…” Tracy Ayotte, Information Systems Administrator, CORE Research, Geneva, FL

The Job Sharing Proposal Package has a long, solid track record of approval results. In fact, the first edition came out in 1993, so this year’s revision has two decades’ worth of improvements!

“I was putting together my own proposal and it was difficult to cover every aspect. [Then] I downloaded yours and handed my proposal in the following day. They were very impressed…Your blueprint made a concise, thorough and professional presentation.” A. D’Amico, Monroe, NY

What’s In It? Here’s What You Get

The Job Sharing Proposal Package is not just a proposal; it’s a full-on planning and negotiation package to get your boss’s agreement. Here’s what you get:

The Primary Proposal Template

Your Job Sharing Proposal is organized by four major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • Plan
  • Summary

The Plan section is the core of your proposal.

  • The Plan includes 7 key aspects of your arrangement that you must include to satisfy your boss’s questions and concerns.
  • The Plan succinctly spells out the job sharing arrangement in each of these 7 professionally-crafted sections.
  • The Plan weaves in persuasive words and compelling phrases, a distinct advantage of the Work Options Job Sharing Proposal over a generic one.
  • The Plan is where you simply type in custom information based on your situation and job. (A job restructuring exercise is included to help you with that step.)

This proven combination of solid format + personal edits is what makes Work Options’ Proposal so effective in getting approval of a job sharing arrangement.

“I received many positive comments on the overall organization of my proposal…It was helpful to have someone present ways to word things and give structure and flow…[your proposal] gave me confidence that I would not have had otherwise.” Mary Beth McCarthy, Head of Corporate Communications, Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc., Champaign and Chicago, Illinois

A Completed Sample Proposal

Done by a prior Job Sharing Proposal Package user who received approval, you can make minor edits to get a virtually instant end product.

A Shorter Version of the Original Proposal Template

The original proposal template has a time-tested proven format for getting approval. Yet some managers might better receive a shorter, less formal version. Read them both, decide which is a better fit for your situation, and use it.

Plus: Scripted Replies to Common Objections

  • “We’ve never done this before.” OR “It’s not our policy.”
  • “If I let you do it, everyone else will want to do the same.”
  • “Why do you want to do this anyway?”
  • “Your type of job can’t be turned into a job sharing arrangement.”

Be ready with a confident reply for each of these (plus two more), included in your copy of the Job Sharing Proposal Package.

Plus: Bottom-Line Benefits of Flexible Work Arrangements

This section alone saves you hours of research time. Include these business-oriented citations to strengthen your case.

“Our VP…was very impressed with [the proposal’s] professionalism, detail, references and quotes…” Shannon Bryant, Healthcare Analyst, Chesterfield, MO

Plus: Pre-Proposal Preparation Steps (It’s a planning guide, too.)

These are workbook-type exercises to build your confidence in:

  • Your strategy – includes a technique for positioning yourself in the best light, reminding your manager of your value
  • Your presentation – includes approach and timing
  • Your negotiations – includes an item to insert in your proposal that makes it embarrassing for management to refuse your request

Plus: Specific Negotiation Strategies

  • Find out how to approach your manager with your proposal
  • Know what to say to keep the discussion alive in the face of any resistance

Proven Format + Practical Planning + Solid Strategy

This is the best formula you’ll find to get approval of your request to job share.

“Consultant Pat Katepoo has thought of everything, put it into no-nonsense terminology and included an irresistible business case. Just fill in the blanks.” Susan Seitel, President, WFC Resources

Get the Proposal Package Today; Have a Finished Proposal Tomorrow

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  • Instant access is from your order confirmation page.
  • No sales tax. No surprises. Only $29.95

Ten minutes from now, you could be filling in your proposal. Your order is 100% secure using PayPal or Stripe. Click BUY NOW below to get started.

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Order Risk-Free With My 30-Day Guarantee

While, like you, I can’t predict (nor guarantee) your manager’s behavior and decisions, I can guarantee the format and time-savings of the Job Sharing Proposal Package. (That said, about 90% of users get approval.)

30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeIf you’re not satisfied by its:

  • persuasive content
  • professional format
  • proven proposal sample
  • pre-proposal planning steps
  • negotiation strategies
  • scripted replies to objections
  • time-saving research in the bottom-line benefits

…or for any other reason, let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you a 100% refund. So ordering is risk-free. If you have any questions, please email me: pat [at] workoptions [dot] com.

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Got Questions? Please Ask Me

I’m available to answer any of your pre-purchase questions. Try me: pat [at] workoptions [dot] com

A Note for Parents

Break out of a rigid work schedule and enjoy more family time. From personal experience and 20+ years of equipping others with Job Sharing Proposal Packages, I know a flexible schedule can be a sanity-saver.

“My manager was quite impressed with the thoroughness of the plan…I just received approval…this will help restore a little sanity to our crazy lives…” Tamara Calandra, Human Resource Manager, Anacortes, WA

That’s why I developed the Proposal Package: to make it easier for others to move ahead with their goal of more family time by getting the flexible work arrangement they want.

“I’d Do Anything for My Kids”

Do this. Then enjoy…

  • more joy in your home
  • peace in your heart
  • contentment in your soul

…because you made more time to be with your kids.

“No more hitting the decks running. We have time to make a nutritious meal, practice guitar, study for tests, read, or just relax before bed at 8:30 PM. Thank you for a great product.” Beth Palmer, Vice President, Production, The Quest Business Agency, Sugar Land, TX

Years from now, after your children are all grown, imagine yourself thinking, “I regret not spending more time at the office.” Sound crazy? Then download your copy of the Job Sharing Proposal Package now. Your order is 100% secure using PayPal or Stripe. Click BUY NOW to get started.

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For Skeptics Only: “Yeah right…”

Still feeling sketchy or skeptical about ordering? Read this one:

“I had seen your website before, but thought: ‘Yeah right, like I am going to pay for some proposal sight-unseen!’ [But then it] seemed like a pretty good investment if I could get what I needed…

Your proposal outlined exactly what I needed. Within an hour I had plugged in my specific changes and handed it to my boss (this was about two weeks ago). This morning I spoke to him and he has agreed to all that I requested! I am ecstatic!

I am certain that the proposal is what convinced him that I was serious and put it into a format he could discuss with the higher-ups…you did cover several bases I hadn’t thought of…thank you so much.” Robin Whicker, Music Industry Account Executive, Nashville, TN

What About You?

Why not be next to enjoy more free time and flexibility? If you have any questions, please email me: pat [at] workoptions [dot] com. Otherwise, I look forward to your flex success story soon.

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PS: Order Now to Get These Two Bonuses Included in Your Package:

1. Memo of Agreement Template – Get it Writing

As I mentioned above, most Proposal Package users get their proposal approved. After you get approval of your request, use the Memo of Agreement Template to secure it.

2. Trial Period Reports – Show That It’s Working

After you secure your job sharing arrangement, use the Trial Period Reports to reinforce your long-term efforts to sustain it.

If you’re doing laundry after 9 pm or grocery shopping on Sundays, you have more reasons to want the Job Sharing Proposal Package today.

If you want it, sooner is better. Not because of limited supply—it’s digital, after all—but because the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get some relief from your crazy-busy days.

PPS: Remember, Your Order is Guaranteed

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you a 100% refund. If you have any questions, please email me: pat [at] workoptions [dot] com

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