5 Affordable Ways to Have Fridays Off

Who doesn't welcome a long weekend off from work? Imagine having lots of long weekends all year round, 26 to 52 times a year.

And get this: you can take Fridays off in an affordable way. Choose from the five options below. Then get the Proposal Package to make it happen...soon.

Fridays Off

Choose Your Fridays Off Option

Part-time Proposal

Propose every other Friday off, working 72 hours every two weeks.

That’s only 10% fewer work hours than the standard workweek and retains 90% of your salary. Not bad for 26 long weekends a year, especially when matched with Monday holidays.

Use the Part-time Proposal Package to propose this option.

Compressed Workweek Proposal

Propose a 4/10 compressed workweek of four, 10-hour days, Monday through Friday. This is the most widely used variation of the compressed workweek, and it retains 100% of your salary.

Use the Compressed Workweek Proposal Package to propose this one.

Compressed Workweek Proposal

Propose a 5/4/9 compressed workweek, a less strenuous variation of #2. One week, work Monday through Friday, 9 hours a day (45 hours); the next week, work Monday through Thursday, 9 hours a day (36 hours) to total 81 hours in one pay period. This allows you to take every other Friday off, and still retain 100% of your salary.

Use the Compressed Workweek Proposal Package.

Pat Katepoo

“I wanted to let you know that our HR reps accepted my proposal! I’m so grateful for the template you provided and the guidelines for thinking through the entire process of requesting a flexible work arrangement." Tory Watts, Program Manager, International Development, New York City

Compressed Workweek Proposal

Propose a 4/9 compressed workweek, working 36 hours a week. A variation on #3 that allows for every Friday off.

Need the 40 hours? Work from home on Friday mornings and you’ll get a nice jump on the weekend by noon.

Use the Compressed Workweek Proposal Package to pitch this option.

Part-time Proposal

Propose a reduced workweek of of 32 hours, Monday through Thursday, but negotiate a pay reduction of less than 20%.

Yes, it can be done.

Use the Part-time Proposal Package for this option.spacer

Charis Loveland

“At first I was hesitant to spend money on [the Proposal Package], but it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. It covers completely with the entire scenario, clever rebuttals to hesitations, and a mitigation plan. I can’t say enough about how professional and effective it is, and how much time it saved me.” Charis Loveland, Software Professional, Boston

Telecommuting Proposal

If a Fridays off arrangement is not a fit for you, yet you'd love to work remotely from home a few days a week, the Telecommuting Proposal Package is your best choice.

This is Work Options' #1-selling Proposal Package and has equipped thousands of professionals to get approval to work from home, even where there is no policy.

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