Free Product Samples and Free Services

Here’s a menu of freebies that I offer to support your work-life goals.

Choose a Free Sample (Excerpts)

Flexible Work Proposal Packages: Copy page 1 of your proposal for telecommuting (#1 popular sample), compressed workweek, job sharing or part-time.

Max Your Maternity Leave: Download the core proposal template so you know exactly what to say when requesting leave. It’s part of a three-trimester plan.

Free Mini-Consultation

My goal is to help YOU as an individual meet your unique work-life needs. I’m here for you so go ahead and email me with your quick question before or after your Flexible Work Proposal Package purchase. I love talking with my customers; leave your phone number and time zone if you prefer me to phone you. A 10-minute call with some strategic advice is usually all it takes to get you on the right track to flex success.

Take Six Weeks Off: Free-with-Purchase Guide

How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel is a complete 53-page planning workbook for getting approval of a short-term sabbatical. Get it here for $49 or get it free with a purchase of any Flexible Work Proposal Package.

For New Moms: Free-with-Purchase Consultation

Maternity Leave Consultation: Complimentary strategy session for purchasers of the Deluxe Max Your Maternity Leave Package.

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