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Is This You?

  • Are you feeling trapped or tired from the pull between work and the rest of your life?
  • Have you concluded that the four main flex options won’t work for your situation?
  • Have you hit a wall in the search for solutions to fit your busy career and life?
  • Would you like to emerge from the fog and get a clear picture of your options?

If so, you need a Flex Assessment to discover what’s possible for you and your life. (If you simply need help choosing a flexible work proposal package, use this chart or ask me.)

I do up to five Flex Assessments a week on a first-come, first-served basis. We meet by telephone for 50 minutes so it’s fast, convenient and confidential. Request your spot today.

What’s a Flex Assessment?

It’s a fast way for you to get a fresh perspective on your work-life issues, plus get my expert advice for addressing them. You’ll regain a sense of control of your life through a new lens of possibilities.

Specifically, through the pre-session questionnaire below (it’s quick) and further exploration on the phone with you, I’ll first get an understanding of your work-life conflict.

Then, based on my 20+ years of experience as a work options advisor to professionals in a wide range of personal and career circumstances, I’ll give you an expert assessment of your flexible work-life options. Plus you get ideas to put changes in motion to attain a flexible work life.

“Talking with Pat before I took maternity leave really helped me a lot! It opened my eyes to some unhealthy workplace dynamics and she made me realize that I shouldn’t settle for a situation that wasn’t working for me and my family. Long story short, this clarity drove me to make new work arrangements after my baby was born, and I am so much happier now.” Danielle B., Missouri (She requested no further identification.)

Your 50-Minute Session Equips You With:

  • A fresh perspective of what’s possible to change in your work and life
  • Custom flexible work ideas to consider that could transform your life
  • Next-step action tasks to set you off in the direction of your new flexible work life
  • Recommendations for resources to support your action steps
  • Bonus: Comp copies of any Flexible Work products you may need (value: $49 each)

“I never thought of that.” In two decades of advising people, I’ve heard that line often enough to confirm the research that says women are more inclined than men to accept the status quo and not consider (or even think of) all their negotiable options.

What Does That Mean for You?

Flexible Work and Time OffIt could be you aren’t fully aware of all your options for a flexible work-life fit.

Plan to discover work options that can:

  • Transform your chaos into calm
  • Turn your time squeeze into time freedom
  • Convert a busy pace of life to a better pace

Isn’t it time you knew your options? A Flex Assessment reveals them to you.

Your Flex Assessment is Only $170

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