You Don’t Have to Be Retired to Pursue Your Passions. Discover Your Flexible Work Options

You’re an employed 50+ professional and retirement is years away. (Sigh.)

Meanwhile, your role as grandparent, blogger, solopreneur, traveler, caregiver, Sunday School teacher, learner, or—you name it—is getting short-changed by a stifling 8-to-5 schedule of 40+ hours. Could you use more time flexibility in your job?

Now You Can Combine a Steady Income with a Flexible Work Life

Like you, I’m 50+, too—and familiar with the issues you’re facing. I’m passionate about equipping other boomer women and men with work-life answers. I invite you to join with me to:

  • discover creative, affordable ways to flex your job, full-time or part-time;
  • figure out which flexible work option fits your needs ($, personal, career);
  • ask for and gain approval of a flexible work arrangement or time off to travel.

“Yeah, But…” Don’t Let Your Doubts Derail Your Dreams

If you’ve only known a by-the-book work culture, then you probably have doubts about new ways of working. Stick with me and I’ll show you how to create and negotiate a custom flexible schedule where you currently work:

  • even if you think it would never work for your job situation;
  • even if you can’t afford anything other than full-time hours and benefits;
  • even if you’re anxious about asking for something your employer doesn’t offer.

I know your fears and how to dispel them. If you decide on a custom consultation, we can address concerns such as:

  • Money and medical coverage issues that make you nervous about having a flexible work life. (There are ways to have flexibility without a big dent in your income or benefits.)
  • How you can keep your career on track with a flexible work schedule. (Pick the right one to combine career and cutting back.)
  • Your fear of being marginalized as an older worker when asking for more job flexibility. (It’s preventable, with proper positioning of your request.)

Don’t let doubts stop you from exploring the possibilities for job flexibility and time off for travel in your life.

As an ER social worker, I was looking to reduce my hours to balance my need for less stress plus continued income (to combine with Social Security). There was some resistance, but your job sharing proposal template helped me present my case well, and I was successful. I now enjoy a half-time schedule of two weeks on, two weeks off, shared with another social worker. Thanks for an excellent product. Male, mid-60s, California, who preferred anonymity

Bottom-Line for Boomers: Flexible Work Options Work

My message is this: you can continue working where you are and have more flexibility.
My mission is this: you will have more free time for your passions and pursuits.

Interested? Start with a Custom Flex Strategy Session or glean ideas from the articles below.

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Combine work with traveling. There are few vendors who specialize in coordinating travel for “digital nomads,” including one called Terminal 3.

Custom Coaching: Explore Your Flexible Work Options

You know you want more time for your outside interests in life, yes? But maybe in the blur of your overworking, you can’t clearly see all your work options. Would you like to?

I can help you define and negotiate a custom work-life design work to match your personal, professional and financial realities. Request a Custom Flex Strategy Session today.

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity… Ephesians 5:15-16 (NIV)