The Fastest Way to Get Flexible Work (Not What You Think)

Virtually every employee craves more job flexibility. What about you?

You’re working traditional full-time hours at the office and it’s really cramping your life. You want—make that need—a more flexible work arrangement. What are your options?

And which is the best way to get flexible work fast?

What’s your guess?

  • Find a full-time position with a different employer that allows telecommuting?
  • Find a new employer that promotes part-time professional positions?
  • Register with a staffing agency that places part-time professionals?
  • Quit your job and start your own business?

Well, it’s none of the above. While the first three options can get you flexible work, they are not fast.

And while the fourth may be immediate, for most people it’s not the best way to get flex fast; the hours required to build business (i.e., income) could mean working six days a week in the early stages. Not so flexible, after all.

Plus, all four take more time and work than the number one strategy.

Here It Is: The Fastest Way to Get Flexible Work

By fast, I mean you can start your new arrangement within two to six weeks from today. So the correct answer for most people is this:

Ask for a flexible work arrangement where you work now.

That’s right. At your current job. You’ve got a lot going for you there that will get you management approval.

Three Factors That Favor Flexible Work Approval

If you’ve worked for the same manager for two years or more, and you’re a reliable well-performing employee who presents a written proposal detailing how your job will get done in your new flexible arrangement, it’s very likely you’ll get approval for at least a trial period of three to six months.

I say this based on my experience with thousands of professionals who have gone before you in making the request for a flexible work arrangement.

Meeting these three criteria means you’re in a favorable position for getting flexible work approved. Even if your employer has no flexible work policy. Really.

Think about it. There’s trust between you and your manager (not yet established with a new boss); you offer value as an employee (not yet proven first-hand at a new job); and you’re presenting a business-value proposition in writing that addresses mutual needs.

It’s a winning combination. A wise (or at least reasonable) manager will want to “work it out” with a valued employee. At least on a trial basis.

The Fastest Way to Flex Does NOT Involved Quitting Your Job

Lots of people don’t see the option in front of them and make the mistake of quitting. Don’t be one of them.

The road to flexibility starts where you work now. Take it.

The Smart Way to Be Fast in Getting Flex Work Approved

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