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​You found it. With the Compressed Work Week Proposal Package, you can be ready with a proven proposal by tomorrow. (Without sacrificing sleep.)

Compressed Workweek Proposal

The secret? Present an air-tight plan and proposal that details the employer benefits of your new flexible work arrangement.

Why a written proposal? Because a verbal request will get you a knee-jerk ‘no.’

But who has ​​the extra time and energy to write a first-rate proposal from scratch? ​Good news: there's an easier way​ that saves you hours and effort.

e secret to getting a ‘yes’ to your request is to present an air-tight plan and proposal that details the business case for your new telecommuting arrangement.
Why written? Because a verbal request sets you up for a knee-jerk ‘no.’ So without a detailed professional proposal, you risk quick rejection.
But you don't have time for another “to-do” item, and you’re too wiped to write a proposal from scratch, right? Good news: you don't have to.

Download It Today. Done By Tomorrow.

I downloaded [your Proposal Package]…and submitted it the same afternoon. The next morning, after a 10-minute discussion, [my manager] approved it. She even said, ‘You just addressed every single concern I had.’ This will allow me the flexibility and time I need…

Aimee Dennis
Director of Development
Dallas, TX

The ​Compressed Work Week Proposal Package is...

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    FAST  ​Skip countless hours ​​of writing and editing. I can’t say enough about how professional and effective it is, and how much time it saved me.” Charis Loveland, Software Professional, Boston, MA
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    ​EASY ​ Simply fill in the blanks ​with custom edits to match your job. Done. “You made this so easy!”​ Kacie Harkins, Product Development Manager, The Chickering Group, Cambridge, MA
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    ​CONVINCING  “[You] provided me with everything I needed to create a great proposal, one my bosses couldn’t refuse! Jill Geise, Account Executive, Boise, ID
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    COMPLETE  “It highlighted a few areas which I would have failed to address if I were to create the proposal myself…The response was overwhelmingly positive...” Jonathan Crane, Royalty Analyst
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    CONFIDENCE-BUILDING  “I was so nervous, but completely prepared...​You gave me the tools I needed, the confidence to present it​, and now I have a balanced personal and professional life.” Tina Hinzman, Senior Process Tools Trainer, Ellicott City, MD
Pat Katepoo

Since putting online in 1997, I've equipped thousands of professionals in all 50 states and more than 35 countries with a proven template and planning guide. "Proven" means it gets approval for 9 out 10 people requesting flexible work. Why not be next? Pat Katepoo, Founder

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Yet it's not for everyone.
Do you meet these three criteria?

To get the green light for a flexible work arrangement, aim to match the approval profile” criteria:

1. You’ve worked for the same manager for at least one year.

2. You’re a ​reliable, trusted employee who meets or exceeds expected job performance.

3. You follow the detailed format of the template inside the ​Compressed Work Week Proposal Package.

Roughly nine out of 10 people who meet all three criteria get a ‘Yes’ to their request. I say this based on follow-up surveys, plus years and years (20+!) of customer feedback. 

“Will it work for my job?”

Yes. Simply insert the specifics of your job and responsibilities into the proposal template. 

“[It was] so easy to customize your format to meet my needs. The professional written presentation helped convince my boss. Thanks.” ​Luanne Cantor, Controller, The Physicians Computer Company, Vermont

You’ll also tweak the Schedule section to match what you want. Voilà! Your proposal is ready.

Compressed Workweek Proposal

​Why That Free Generic Proposal You Found Online Won't Work​

​Their skimpy outline suggests what to include but not what to say​: ​Describe the business case for ​your proposed flexible work arrangement.” That's it. You're stuck ​with composing the specifics.​ But with the ​​Proposal Package, the details are included in ​phrases that ​are both persuasive and professional. 


​​​I surfed for hours [and] while I found a lot of material, yours was the most in-depth. It was nice to see actual proposal examples. ​

​Dana Thompson
Wichita, KS​

Why Not Write It Yourself?

You probably could, but aren’t you busy enough?​ You can probably cook, too, but sometimes you want ​fast and convenient, right? 

Skip the writing angst. With the fill-in-the-blanks format, you can turn out an impressive and persuasive proposal by tomorrow.

“...well worth the saved me hours of drafts and redrafts...​” ​Tina O'Brien, Associate Director, Alumni Relations, Seattle University.​

​​​I write proposals all the time, but this is so personal. I appreciated the guidance in how to discuss the issue in a professional way. (12 days later): My boss approved the revised schedule and I'm thrilled. ​

​Laura Kaloi
Director, Public Policy

Alexandria, VA​

​Do You Work Harder or Smarter?

Compressed Workweek Proposal

What's your time worth? First, figure your pay by the ​hour: Divide your full-time salary by two, then drop the extra zeros. ​For example, $60,000 = about $30 a hour. 

​Your hourly: $ _____ x number of hours to write a proposal from scratch = $_____

​If you're a “work smarter” professional, you realize your ​time is too precious to zone out in front of a computer to write a ​proposal when it's already been done for ​you. ​

For a long time I wanted to [flex my schedule] but didn't know how to approach it. Your guidance was just the boost I needed to send me in the right direction. My boss was very impressed and approved it almost immediately even though it's never been done in this office before. I'm so excited...

Tracy Ayotte
Information Systems Administrator, CORE Research

Geneva, FL

Here's What You Get Inside Your ​Compressed Work Week Proposal Package

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  • ​proposal template
  • Sample proposal
  • ​scripted replies
  • ​bottom-line benefits
  • ​strategy guide

Ten minutes from now, you could be filling in your proposal

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Plus You Get These Two Bonuses with Your ​Compressed Work Week Proposal Package


Memo of Agreement

After you get approval of your request, use this template to craft a Memo of Agreement to secure your agreement.

This $19 bonus template is included FREE with your ​Compressed Work Week Proposal Package.



Six Weeks Off

​This is my planning workbook to get approval of a short-term sabbatical. After you get flex, go for your travel dream. ​

It sells here at Work Options for $49, ​​but it's yours FREE with your ​Compressed Work Week Proposal Package.


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Compressed Work Week Proposal
Six Weeks Off
Memo of Agreement

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The Proposal Package is guaranteed to save you hours in personal time preparing a convincing, professional, business-case proposal. If you're not ​satisfied with it, ​tell me ​within 30 days and I’ll give you a 100% refund. So ordering is risk-free.

PS: If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please email me: pat @  I want to help you ​get flex success. ​

Pat Katepoo


Compressed Work Week Proposal
Six Weeks Off
Memo of Agreement

Get instant access to all three, worth $107. Click BUY NOW.

Are You a Mom or Dad?

Break free of your rigid work schedule to enjoy more time with your family. From personal experience and 20+ years of equipping others with Proposal Packages, I know flexible work can give you the time margin you need.

“My manager was quite impressed with the thoroughness of the plan…I just received approval…this will help restore a little sanity to our crazy lives…​” ​Tamara Calandra, Human Resources Manager, Anacortes, WA​

That’s why I developed the Flexible Work Proposal Packages: to make it easier for others to move ahead with their goal of more family time by getting the flexible work arrangement they want.

“No more hitting the decks running. We have time to make a nutritious meal, practice guitar, study for tests, read, or just relax before bed at 8:30 PM. Thank you for a great product.” Beth Palmer, VP, The Quest Business Agency, Sugar Land, TX

I'd do anything for my kids.

Do this. Expect more joy in your home and peace in your heart because you made more TIME to be with your children.

For Skeptics Only: Yeah, Right.

“I had seen your website before but thought: ‘Yeah right, like I am going to pay for some proposal sight-unseen!’ [But then it] seemed like a pretty good investment if I could get what I needed…

Your proposal outlined exactly what I needed. Within an hour I had plugged in my specific changes and handed it to my boss (this was about two weeks ago). This morning I spoke to him and he has agreed to all that I requested! I am ecstatic!

I'm certain that the proposal is what convinced him that I was serious and put it into a format he could discuss with the higher-ups…you covered several bases I hadn’t thought of…thank you so much.
 ​Robin Whicker, Music Industry Account Executive, Nashville, TN

What About You?

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Millennial Parent Boomer Single: This is for you.


Compressed Work Week Proposal
Six Weeks Off
Memo of Agreement

Get instant access to all three, worth $107. Click BUY NOW.

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