Need Expert Guidance Now? Get Custom Advice and Negotiation Coaching

Pat KatepooWise women know when to get expert advice to reach their goals. Why not be one of them?

If you need strategies for your work situation now, I can help. With “situational coaching” sessions by phone or Skype, you’ll move swiftly toward answers and action in one or three sessions.

Why work with me? I’ve been advising and coaching professionals on negotiating flexible work options since 1993, and on pay raises and salary packages since 2006. With guaranteed results. Let’s talk soon so you can reach your goals faster. Choose from the following services:

Flex Assessment
In less than an hour, you can get a fresh perspective on your work-life issues, plus get my expert advice for addressing them. Find a new work-life vibe now. Learn more.
Salary Negotiation
Anxious about asking for more? I coach women who are unsure about how to start the salary conversation at their current job or in a new job interview. Learn more.

If You’re Feeling Stuck, I Can Help You Move Forward

You’ll like what happens during client sessions, as I’m able to:

  • Create custom solutions to match individual needs
  • Devise strategies for challenging situations and find ways to overcome obstacles
  • Craft scripts to get buy-in from the other people involved in the situation

Is that what you need? If so, I’d love to work with you as your advisor and negotiation coach.

In negotiating terms, my ability to clearly assess my clients’ negotiating “leverage” and then favorably frame their “positioning” helps them get the result they want (or closer to it). This applies to negotiating flexible work, maternity leave, salary, and other selected issues.

My clients tell me I have an uncanny ability to quickly assess their situation and figure out the agendas of the people (usually managers and co-workers) they are dealing with (“That’s it exactly!”). Then we work together on solutions to address the issues to achieve a favorable outcome. The most common client responses: “What a great idea.” “I hadn’t thought of that.” “This has been so valuable.”

Strategy + Script: Know What to Do and Say

Beyond the strategy, I’m usually able to construct a short script which strongly supports the positive positioning we’ve established to resolve the communication or negotiation issue.

The script is a spontaneous flash of composition, yet surprisingly spot-on for the situation. (“I love the way you worded that!”) This happens at almost every client advisory session.

So during our session, not only will we come up with tactics and talking points to address your issue, it’s likely you’ll get a short script of exactly what to say!

In our sessions, I will use a combination of advice and coaching (I was certified as a Career Management Coach in 2005 through Career Coach Academy).

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

My coaching services are guaranteed. If your session doesn’t meet your expectations, request a refund within 15 days and you’ll get 100% of your fee returned. So invest in yourself and your quality of life with a personal session soon.