No Maternity Leave Policy? Make Your Own!

The following question about no maternity leave policy was posted on my Facebook page and the writer gave me permission to feature it here. Hi Pat, I just started your Max Your Maternity Leave book and I’m learning so much. My husband and I are looking to start a family in the months ahead, but my […]

Brave, Brilliant or Bonkers? One Woman’s Work-Life Boundaries

I was surprised when my coaching client Lauren,* a 30-something working mom, told me that she doesn’t use a smartphone. In fact, she doesn’t even own any type of mobile phone. Lauren uses a work-issued cell phone (wait until I tell you her job position). But she handed it in just before starting her second […]

How to Reach Your Unrealistic Work-Life Goal

Wall of Books

Lately, I’ve been binging. On books. And I want to share my strategy for indulging this favorite past-time because you could find it adaptable for reaching your work-life goals. Let me explain. At the beginning of 2014, I decided to ramp up my learning by reading at least two non-fiction books a month. The two-a-month […]

5 Ways to Fridays Off (Without Slashing Your Salary)

Who doesn’t welcome a long weekend off from work? Too bad they don’t come around often enough. But they could: imagine having lots of long weekends all year round, say, 26 to 52 times a year. And you can take Fridays off without slashing your salary. Take a look at these five possibilities. 1. Propose […]

Telecommute Now Oahu: Your Route to More Flex & Family Time. And It’s Free!

Telecommute Now Oahu

If you know the frustration of crawling in Oahu traffic, I invite you to Telecommute Now Oahu. It’s my 2014 initiative to equip up to 1,000 Oahu drivers to cut their commute by at least two days a week. Aloha, I’m Pat Katepoo, Oahu resident since 1980, and founder of, online since 1997. You […]

Telecommute Now Oahu, and Make Time for Life

Honolulu County Traffic

Friday night, February 14, my husband and I went to watch the fireworks display put on by the Hilton Hawaiian Village resort. It was part of our Valentine’s Day celebration and a fun way to top off our dinner out. We shared a seating area and some conversation with a 50-something couple from Wisconsin. Jim […]

Case Study: Timing a Raise Request and Maternity Leave by a New Employee

Megan*, 33, is the head librarian and media coordinator for a large private prep school on the west coast. She’s a relatively new employee, having started 11 months ago.  And she’s due to have her first child in a few months. An interesting mix of work-life challenges. She consulted with me a few weeks ago […]

“How Do I Convince My Husband?”

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a woman who is back to work from maternity leave after having her second baby. Let’s call her Kelly. Returning two months ago to her full-time job as a computer systems analyst, Kelly has since decided that a reduced workweek would be a better schedule for the work-life […]

Want Work-Life-Bliss? Take This Essential First Step

Work-Life Bliss

If you’re overwhelmed with handling both work and personal life demands, or simply wish you had more time for your family, then you might be thinking about requesting a flexible work arrangement. (No, flexible work is not the “essential first step” to work-life bliss. It’s something else, which I’ll tell you in a minute.) Is […]

First Trimester Tactic: Start Telecommuting Now


If you’re a newly-pregnant professional, here’s a first-trimester tactic to make your work-life smoother now and well into motherhood: Request a telecommuting arrangement as soon as possible and before you announce your pregnancy. Why now? Because later, as a new mom, you’re probably going to want it—with child care in place, of course—as part of your work-life […]