All Flex, All the Time: An Interview with FlexJobs CEO Sara Sutton Fell

Where do I send people who ask me how to find legitimate work-from-home jobs? Or a flexible new job? In the early days of my business (WorkOptions has been online since 1997), I didn’t have a confident answer for this common query. Plus any information I did dispense came with caveats. Not anymore. FlexJobs is […]

How to Escape the Fast Life: One Working Mom’s Solution for Shifting Gears

When she married a widower six years ago, Janna became an instant mother to his two children. Since then, she and her husband had a son. During those six years, Janna, 34, kept working full-time as a senior sales executive in the diagnostics division of a huge pharmaceutical company. “I literally did not stop from […]

The Four-Day Cure for Boomer Burn-Out

This article was written with baby boomers in mind—specifically, those without children at home. Parents of young children will do better considering other flexible work options. What boomer hasn’t bordered on burn-out some time in their career? Including you, perhaps? When quitting your job isn’t an option and there’s no short-term sabbatical on the horizon, […]

How to Negotiate Flexibility During a New Job Interview

Interviewing for a new job is a tough-enough situation. But what if you want both a job and a flexible work arrangement to go with it? Finding a flex-friendly employer paves an easier path, but not all companies fit that category. Even those that do sometimes have a waiting period before new employees can telecommute […]

How and Where to Find a Flexible NEW Job

The fastest way to a flexible work arrangement is to ask for one at your current job. But what if you’re looking for a new job? The sad fact is, most employers don’t offer a flexible schedule or telecommuting arrangement to new employees. But some do. Here I’ve compiled several options to help you find flexible […]

3 Reasons Why You’re Still Not Telecommuting (And How to Resolve Them Pronto)

You’re a professional. A smart “knowledge worker.” So doesn’t it frustrate you to drive daily to a desk that’s miles and miles and too-many-minutes away from home, only to use a computer and a phone to get most of your work done? Precious time blown; gas burned; stress brewed in rush-hour traffic. And to think […]

How to Telecommute Long-Distance and Full-Time

Sometimes, I get an inquiry like this: “I’m interested in your Telecommuting Proposal Package, but will it work for me if I’m moving to a distant city?” The answer is yes, the Package is adaptable to that situation. Jonathan Crane, who got approval to work 1800 miles from the main office, is a good example. […]

How a Flexible Work Arrangement Supports Weight Loss Success

My diverse career path started in health care as a registered dietitian (RD). In the late 1980s, I was the coordinator for the local Optifast Program, a medically-monitored weight loss program for obese individuals. This was a popular and busy program with lots of people enrolled. Especially after Oprah went public in 1988 with her […]

Job Sharing Options: Five Workable Ways to Share Your Job

Now that you know how to find and choose your job sharing partner, consider the creative possibilities for splitting your schedule. For many positions, a shortened workweek for each partner is the most practical arrangement, with a common one being: Partner A: Works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning Partner B: Works Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and […]

How to Choose the Right Job Sharing Partner

After you find prospective job sharing partners, how do you choose the “right” one? Your job sharing success depends heavily on who you choose as a job partner. Get to know each of your prospective job-share teammates so that you make the right pick. (Does this sound like dating?) Are You Compatible? With each prospect, […]