How to Craft Your Own Vacation Leave Terms

(Looking for info on the More Vacation Leave Memo Template? See the bottom of this page.) You’re a mid-career professional coming to grips with deferred retirement, yet you want more time off now. You’d like to take more trips or see your grandkids more often through the year—this year—but your employer’s vacation policy stymies your […]

Sabbatical Travel: What to Write in Your Proposal’s “Purpose”

This article is adapted from the How to Get Six Weeks Off to Travel, a complete planning workbook and negotiation guide for getting management approval of a short-term sabbatical. Get your copy here. The PURPOSE portion of the sabbatical proposal template is a place where you will customize the content. But how can you tie […]

How to Go Part-time for Part of the Year

In my perfect flexible world, every professional would have the option to work part-time hours. I know—it’s not practical in the real world of work. Nor is it affordable for many. But what if… What if you could work part-time hours, part of the year? A three-day workweek for up to two months would give you […]

Get the Scoop on Your Employer: Pre-Proposal Planning Checklist

In an earlier post, I reminded you that most of the work of a successful negotiation is done before the actual meeting. Gathering information is an important preparation step. So here is a flexible work planning checklist that, when completed, gives you the information needed to strengthen your negotiating position. The approach and tone of […]

How Many Days Working from Home Should You Request?

If you’re excited about the prospect of telecommuting, you may have blissful visions of working from home five days a week, with occasional trips into the office for meetings. Or maybe your notion is to propose telecommuting five days a week, leaving you room to negotiate fewer days if the full-time, work-from-home pitch is rejected. […]

How and When to Find a Job Sharing Partner

A successful job sharing arrangement starts with finding and choosing a compatible work partner. I recommend you complete this step before you actually develop and present the proposal to share your existing position. With that person identified, you can present a realistic, workable job sharing proposal filled with the details which the two of you […]

Don’t Get Personal! Make the Business Case for Flexible Work

Life happens. And flexible work arrangements make it happen better because of the time and flexibility they offer. Having a baby Building a new side business Missing your friends and relatives Taking an evening MBA program Wanting quantity time with your kids Meeting elder care demands Volunteering in the community These are some of the […]

How to Build Your Confidence to ASK for Flexible Work

Do you know why most people don’t get the flexible work schedule they want? Right—they don’t ask. What holds them back? They’re afraid to ask. Afraid to approach their manager. Unsure about how to ask. Afraid of a “no.” Is that you, too? Maybe you’re stalling because you’re nervous about negotiating. Well, that’s natural and expected, […]

The #1 BIG Mistake When Requesting Flexible Work

Let’s face it: approaching your manager to request a flexible work schedule can be nerve-wracking, especially if you lack a well-defined plan. What? No plan? You can plan on rejection of your request for flexible work if you make the #1 big mistake. The #1 Big Mistake When Requesting Flexible Work Winging it. That’s right. […]

Got 2 Minutes? Copy Page 1 of Your Job Sharing Proposal

A hard-copy proposal makes a critical difference in getting your request for a job sharing arrangement approved. Do you have two minutes? You can start it now. Highlight and copy the INTRODUCTION and PURPOSE sections below, excerpted from the Job Sharing Proposal Package. Then paste into a word processing document. Customize the information inside the […]