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Hi there. I’m Pat Katepoo, work options advisor and negotiation coach. Work Options is where you get equipped with what to do and what to say at work to improve and protect your quality of life at home. My aim is to meet your individual needs as they relate to your struggle with having enough time for life outside of work.

Pat KatepooI’ve been a work options advisor since 1993 and Work Options has been online since 1997. Thousands of busy professionals have found answers and relief here. You’re invited to be next.

Whether you choose my do-it-yourself guides, advice columns, or my personal services by phone, you get practical help negotiating various work options to make your life calmer and easier. Options such as job flexibility, more maternity leave and other time off.

Sound like something you could use? Keep reading to learn more.

Got a Problem with Asking for What You Want at Work? It’s Not Your Fault

Women aren’t socialized to negotiate and so they are less inclined than men to ask for what they need or want. And research shows that often women fail to see their options or even think to ask for them. (I’ve seen that over and over in my clients.)

Through examples and tips in my advice columns, you’ll learn to see and expand your options in various situations so you can craft better solutions to work-life challenges. You’ll also learn about gender-specific tactics for acing negotiating behaviors without nervousness.

The best part? You can get 1-on-1 advice and coaching by phone when you need it. Some services are free; others are fee-based. All have the goal of equipping you to discover and ask for options that drive quality-of-life improvements for you and your family. This site is about you and the “deals” you’ll ask for to have more flexibility and time freedom in your life.

Is This a Women’s Website?

Yes and no. I’ve helped thousands of both men and women since 1993. Research shows men are struggling with work-life conflict as much or more than women, and they want job flexibility, too.

But the fact is, more than 80% of my proposal package customers and almost all of my coaching clients are women, most of them moms. They are self-selecting my help in asking for work-life advice. So yes, I do put an emphasis on negotiating skills for women so they can learn to confidently ask for more time (flexible work, maternity leave, vacation) and income (pay raise). Looking at the bigger picture, asking for work options is about quality of life and a foundation for stronger relationships with those you love.

The Background Story: “Why Can’t All My Friends Do This?”

That’s the question that launched my work options advisory service in 1993. Flexible work was the key to my own successful work-life blend, and I wanted to share what I knew with others.

I was enjoying a weekday at home because of my flexible schedule as a part-time marketing director for a business law firm. (Professional services marketing was my second career, my first was as a registered dietitian in community settings, including maternal and child health.)

I was in my mid-30s and using a flexible work arrangement as a way to manage both family and career without going nuts. (It worked.) Inspired to show overwhelmed working mothers how they could have a flexible work life, I started Work Options Resources, a consulting service.

Soon after, I wrote the first edition of the Flexible Work Proposal Packages to equip people to ask their manager for the arrangement they needed. (That worked, too.)

WorkOptions.com—online since 1997—is especially well-known for my flexible work proposals, which have sold to customers in all 50 US states and more than 35 countries. My advice has also been featured in dozens of national print publications and books.

Personal Stuff

I’m now an “empty-nester.” My husband, who is originally from Thailand, and I, live in the home that we built ourselves in Kaneohe, Hawaii, on Oahu, where I’ve lived since 1980. We occasionally take in foreign exchange students for short-term stays. So far, we’ve had students from Japan, Thailand, Tajikistan, China, Russia and Ukraine. Of course, we’re happy to have relatives and houseguests make their way through.

We attend First Assembly of God, Windward. I’m originally from Enfield, Connecticut, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. And while Hawaii is a wonderful place to live, I enjoy traveling to new places, especially foreign countries.

Meanwhile, some of the most fun I’m having these days is learning how to speak French. (This is no small feat for someone my age!)

What About You?

My mission is to equip you to ask for what you want at work so you can enjoy a better way of life at home. I hope we talk soon.
All the best,
Pat Katepoo
Pat Katepoo
Work Options Advisor & Negotiation Coach

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